I heart hearts.

You know those days where nothing really specifically seems to go wrong, but nothing really goes right either? I had one yesterday. The day where you rely a little too much on the good old Monsters Inc dvd to entertain a hot, sticky, grumpy child, the project you’re working on just doesn’t quite come out how you planned (chevron plackets and tired eyes DO NOT MIX WELL), and your diet of a mocha-latte and a handful of choc chip biscuits comes back to bite you mid-afternoon in the form of a massive sugar hangover.

Advice from friends after a lengthy facebook vent pointed out that I needed to put down the scissors, stop freaking out and give in to the blues, at least for the rest of the day, but I knew that to be able to sleep soundly I needed at least ONE thing to go satisfactorily. So -ironic as it is – I did what most crafters do when they feel upset, annoyed or otherwise wonky: I made stuff.

So after the wee one went to bed and with nary a thought towards margins, costings, or target markets, I collected up some of my favourite things (felt, polka dots and variegated yarn), and one of my favourite stitches (blanket), made a cuppa, put the cricket on, and just let whatever wanted to come out happen. What eventually happened was a string of felt heart bunting!

As uncharacteristically pink as this is for me, it makes me smile – thus serving its purpose! Will it come with me to market next week, with a few friends?? Possibly. I feel a week of puff-bunting coming on.


Lomo Wednesday.

In our house, the television dosn’t work on Wednesdays. It’s easier to explain to a toddler that it’s broken once a week than to go into a convoluted, one-sided “discussion” on why he can’t watch Monsters Inc.

It’s really more for my sake anyway, as Isac isn’t really fussed on tv – like all small boys he’d rather be outside getting grubby, and more power to him. Every day I tell myself I’m going to knuckle down and get some serious sewing done during naptime, and every day I get waylaid by something else; at least on Wednesdays it’s usually more productive than watching Dr Phil! Today I have taught myself how to fake a Lomo.

Lomography is a style of photography which, thanks to its explosive cult following, we’ll all be well familiar with by now. It’s the over-saturated, vignetted product of Russian made cameras from the early 1980s. You can find out more about it here:


Rather than track down and shell out for an original or replica Lomo camera (I hear you can even get an ap for your iPad/iPhone now which will do it all for you!), I found a really user-friendly guide to converting your digital photos using Photoshop. I’ve already forgotten more than the average bear about Photoshop from my tech days, but even I could follow this one. Hallelujah!


First in the experimentation line was a pic of a wee dress I made on Sunday. I don’t know about you, but over Christmas our house was covered in homemade bunting (which I have only just, very begrudgingly I might add, taken down), and man, don’t I just love this stuff. It seems to be on my mind all the time, possibly because it’s so easy to make you can do it with your eyes closed. So when I found myself cutting and sewing up a run of  l i t t l e sweatshirting dresses for the upcoming market season that were in need of something special, bunting was the obvious choice! Perhaps these are all destined for the Manawatu/Wellington region however, as we seem to be losing some flags . . . Voila! The Fly Away Dress was born!

j xx