Scratch that.

In the intervening week, Old Man Donald’s (as Little calls it) has done something weird to the filling. It’s . . . Mock-creamy. The ickyest substance known to man.

In the name of research I’ve given them several more chances, when we needed to buy something in order to use the Playplace, or we needed to buy something in order to use the toilets, or we needed to buy something in order to avoid a three foot high meltdown, and in every case they’ve been below the par set by my first lemony delight. It’s possible that I was a bit overexcited and short circuited some braincells at first McD macaron sight.

As you were.

J xx


Outdone by the Golden Arches.

I had a McD’s macaron today. In a word? Yes. YES. It was lemony. It had a beautiful foot. It was just the right side of gooey enough. It brought me to thinking about my first post (again – pretty sure I’ve reflected on it before), the one about my goals for 2012. Well, Mission Macaron never made it off the ground, so I’m carrying it over to ’13 . . .

On the upside, Little continues to be a *mostly* wonderful wee chap, we managed to produce another wee man who is frighteningly similar looking to his brother (but waaaay more laid back!), and I skirted the issue of getting around to redecorating a minimum of one room in our house by moving to Wellington. I think this counts as a complete home renovation by dint of looking and feeling completely different from where we’d previously been living. Taa daa! Husbo has already begun tearing down walls however, so a post detailing our reno’s may not be too far away after all!

I hereby declare that once the baby and the not-so-baby get over their respective colds, I clear the annoying tickle which is threatening in the back of my throat, and after we get back from Great Nanna Pearl’s birthday bash this weekend, Project Macaron will begin in earnest. Wait – should it be a Project or a Mission? It needs capitalisation, anyway!

Someone, please hold me to this. There’ll be treats in it for you.

J xx