l i t t l e "lady lace" skirt - August 5th 2012

little has gone a bit froofy.

Just a little bit. Not a lot. But my latest project is quite a departure from the usual bold colours and sharp graphic prints that I so love. Today I went . . . flowery and lacey. Hmm.

It started, if I’m honest, in 2004, when I bought a small amount of floral material from whatever that super-fantastic fabric warehouse is called on Sar St in Thorndon, Wngtn. As with many, many of my fabric purchases over the years, it got put away carefully and occasionally met with the light of day when I got it out to, you know, stroke it. (Please Note: ALL FABRIC PEOPLE DO THIS, I’M NOT CRAZY.) Part of getting ready for the new baby’s arrival involves trying to use up as much of my stash as possible in order to make enough room for a whole ‘nother person to live at our house, ergo: Pretty Floral Fabric That Makes Me Go “Squeeeee” – your time has cometh at last!!

I put on my big girl pants, got brave, found my shears and started cutting. Happily, today’s project also afforded me the opportunity to use another special little something that had been squirrelled away; my precious friend Natalie of Poppy and Bee had kindly given me a length of beee-aaaa-uuuu-tiful hand made cotton lace that she’d come across on her travels. After I wore it around as a scarf for a while I thought I’d better do as promised and make something with it!

someone, somewhere at some point worked re-heally hard on this! Thank you, someone. x

l i t t l e "lady lace" skirt - August 5th 2012

l i t t l e “lady lace” skirt – August 5th 2012

She’s a simple wee thing, but with handwork that gorgeous, do you really want to do too much to distract?? Sizes 1, 2 and 3 will be available for purchase on my table at Oh, For Crafts’ Sake from tomorrow.

J xx


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