Yet another use for paper doilies!

I’m super lucky to have a handy husband. He’s been known to knock up fences, decks, and dog kennels without breaking a sweat, and once when a visiting friend commented on my new herb planter we all got a surprise when he presented her with one to take home before we’d even finished our cups of tea. So when I started selling at markets and said I was after a tall rack with arms for displaying kid’s clothes, he said “no problem”. Ten minutes at the hardware store and half an hour outside with various power tools and there it was! A custom made clothes rack which is easy to take apart so that I can lug it around markets and in and out of the car with ease.

Lately though I’ve been feeling like it needed something to catch the eye of the passers-by, something that could be removed so that I could still take it apart at the end of the day. In the ten minutes between finishing sewing and Little coming home from his playdate I made some wee labels and was utterly taken with them! I thought I’d share.

The foundation of the disc is foam board, cadged from an office cleanout years ago that has been sitting waiting to be repurposed. It’s light and easy to cut with a craft knife so it fitted the bill perfectly. After cutting a circle out of it, I then cut a circle of fabric 3cm larger to cover it with, and another 2cm smaller to put on the back to hide my ATROCIOUS glue-gunning skills.


double sided tape holds the backing on steady to glue, once the front has been glued on "neatly". Ha ha.



if you don't have a love/hate relationship with your gluegun, you're doing it wrong.

All that was left to do after this was to stick the paper doily to the front of the disc; at $2 for a pack of 60, it doesn’t get much more economical than that. I used a normal gluestick for this, partially because the paper doilies are super dainty and thin and partly because there is only so much hot glue one’s fingers should have to be subjected to per sitting.

all finished, on location and looking lovely at the Birkenhead Artisan Market


After I had made these, I started thinking about how cute and easy they would be to use as wall decorations too – different colours and sizes and fabrics, with doilies or without, appliqued motifs, hand painted, the options are endless. I think I might make some more to sell and see what happens at next months’ markets . . . there’ll need to be some serious brushing up on the art of glue-gunning first though!


j xx


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