So terribly, terribly tempted.

Today on Onceit there is a sale on Papercut Patterns! Beautiful garments to make yourself at home, rather than the usual off the rack garments they feature. This Watson Jacket called out to me – it’s been years since I’ve bought a pattern, since I always seem to modify them in some way or go off on a tangent, or not understand the crazily worded instructions it’s much faster and cheaper for me to make my own patterns off my tech blocks. I could be willing to make an exception for this little beauty . . . and have one in wool, one in a light demin, a black drill, a jacquard . . .

To buy, or not to buy? Not as elementary as you might think.



3 thoughts on “So terribly, terribly tempted.

  1. I didn’t in the end Georgia – I decided after much humming and hawing that this jacket is probably not the best shape for the boobalicious among us. Felt like I’d look a bit shelf-y because of where the cape hits. I’m still very keen to find a jacket for winter that has something cape-like about it, but for now it’s going to have to be my Sylvester houndstooth biker jacket for the third winter in a row! Which I’m quite happy about :o) j xx

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