FINALLY! I’ve gotten on board with this blogging doohickeywhatsit!

Although I’m aware that, right now, I’m clearly talking to myself, hopefully soon that won’t be the case. Pehaps I should use this precious alone time to think about some of the things I’d like 2012 to hold for me . . .

1. Learn to make macarons. $2 each?? This is more expensive than smoking.

2. Lose 5kgs. Should go well, considering this next one is also on the list:

3. Have another baby. Yikes.

4. Grow  l i t t l e  into a larger business, but not so large that I have to look at daycare to get everything done, nor only sleep two hours a night.

5. Continue to grow our Little into a caring, responsible and individual human being.

6. Write more letters. Take more photos. Call, don’t text.

7. Go on a family holiday! One that doesn’t involve a funeral, someone elses wedding, or sleeping on a relative’s couch – just a pre-planned, quiet trip away to be together in a place that isn’t our house.

8. Grow a pair and redecorate. At least one room, anyway. Grownups live in houses that look less like flats.

Should keep me busy for a while . . .



One thought on “FINALLY! I’ve gotten on board with this blogging doohickeywhatsit!

  1. Whoop! Looking forward to helping with macaron quality control. Can’t have you compromising goal # 2, so I’ll take on the calories for you. Coz that’s how I roll.

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